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Splunk Administration

Splunk Administration

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  • No prerequisite required

Target Audience

  • The target audience for the Splunk Administration course is anyone who needs to manage, monitor, and analyze data using the Splunk platform.
  • So, it can be IT professionals, system administrators, DevOps engineers, security analysts, and data analysts who want to work on the Splunk platform.

About Course

Splunk Administration is a critical function for any organization. By using Splunk, we can do log management, security, and operational intelligence. It also ensures that this platform is functioning effectively and efficiently to provide actionable insights and support informed decision-making.
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What I will learn?

  • After completing this course, we will discover essential tips and tricks for efficient Splunk administration.
  • With our expert insights, you can streamline your data management and analysis processes, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI.

Course Curriculum

Overview of Splunk

  • Introduction to the Splunk 3-tier architecture
  • Understanding the Server settings, control, preferences and licensing.
  • About important components of Splunk tool.
  • About the hardware requirements and conditions for the installation of Splunk.

Splunk Installation

Splunk Installation in Linux

Distributed Management Console

Introduction to Splunk App

Splunk indexes and users

Splunk Configuration files

Splunk Deployment Management

Splunk Indexes

Use role and authentication

Splunk Administration Environment

Basic Production Environment

Splunk Search Engine

Various Splunk Input Methods

Splunk User & Index Management

Machine Data Parsing

Search and Monitoring

Splunk Administration project

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